Bollywood is slowly making inroads in Pakistan


By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Bollywood is slowly making inroads in Pakistan. And there are three different instances that prove that the two countries are serious about doing business with each other… Instance 1: BHOOTHNATH has had a simultaneous release in Pakistan. It has been distributed by Evernew Group and HKC Entertainment. It is also the first film of Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, the two topmost stars of Indian film industry, to release in Pakistan. According to a communiqué received by this writer from the Pakistani distributors, "the film has fetched a fantastic opening."

Instance 2: The JANNAT team is currently in Pakistan. Reportedly, a lavish premiere of the film is scheduled to take place on Tuesday [today]. Also, there are talks that this film will be released simultaneously in Pakistan.

Instance 3: Shashi Ranjan is also planning to have a simultaneous release of DHOOM DADAKKA in Pakistan on May 23. The film is co-produced by a Pakistani politician Syma Khar and introduces a Pakistan actor Zak in a key role