Bollywood prepares to invade China!

By Hindustan Times

An Indian musical set to the tune of Hindi, Tamil and Marathi film songs is set make a rare if brief debut on national broadcaster China Central Television’s (CCTV) prestigious New Year eve’s programme, usually watched by millions across the country. The Taj Express, with a running time
on stage of more than one-and-half hours, revolves around the tried and tested theme of a love story between a poor boy and rich girl.

But for director and producer Shruti Merchant, the musical should give the Chinese audience a taste of what India never seems to get enough of — music, song and dance usually revolving around the theme of love.

Through the musical, viewers will also get a glimpse of India as the fictitious train — the Taj Express — chugs from Mumbai to Agra via cities in South India and then Varanasi and Lucknow.