Bollywood personalities who went from fat to fit!


By Hindustan Times

Diet leads to 60 per cent weight loss, the remaining 40 per cent happens through workouts and the physical fitness process,” says celebrity nutritionist and author of the book Eat.Delete, Pooja Makhija.

“You need to follow healthy eating habits and understand your body well to be fit and fab.”

Here’s her take on Bollywood celebrities, some of whom are her clients, who have shed serious kilos to get healthy and in shape.

1. Kareena Kapoor
Pooja admits that in the early stages of her career, Kareena was slightly over-weight. She blames this on the fact that the self-confessed foodie took her time weaning herself off rich Punjabi cuisine and shedding those extra kilos to start the size-zero trend with her perfect bikini body in Tashan (2008).
“According to her nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, Kareena followed a healthy diet and ate every two hours,” Pooja says. “You can shed unnecessary fat by eating right.”

2. Sonam Kapoor
When Sanjay Leela Bhansali offered her Saawariya (2007), he laid down only one condition: Sonam had to lose weight immediately. And with the help of a weightloss doctor, her mother Sunita and Sanjay himself, she lost 32 kgs and has maintained her weight since.
Says Pooja, “Sonam lost a lot of weight with a not-so-healthy weightloss plan. Initially, she was starving herself, but once she was taught the importance of good eating, she headed off in the right direction. Today, she’s completely in sync with her body and its needs.”

3. Sonakshi Sinha
As a fashion designer, Sonakshi survived on junk food till her mentor Salman Khan decided to make her change her eating habits and go through gruelling workout sessions to prepare her for her Dabangg (2010) debut. Subsequently, the once 90 kg Sonakshi lost 30 kgs! “If she has followed the right diet, she’s done it well,” approves Pooja. “She looks fabulous and healthy.”

4. Ekta Kapoor
The soap queen and film Czarina may not be slim and trim, but she’s lost oodles of weight through crash diets and workouts. “Yes, she has changed a lot in the last couple of years,” agrees Pooja. “She started eating regularly, working out and playing squash.”

5. Arjun Kapoor
Sonam’s cousin, like her, lost 50 kg in four years before making his Bollywood debut this year in Ishaqzaade (2012). He went on a strict diet and followed the Crossfit regime. Says Pooja, “Genetically, it’s easier for men to lose weight. Arjun made sure he was fuelling his body with good amounts of proteins and did some resistance training as well.”

6. Jackky Bhagnani
He weighed 130 kg once but was down to 75 kg before facing the camera for Faltu (2011). He was spurred on by a trainer, a carefully-planned diet and lots of motivation as he knocked off over 40 kgs. “Jackky is a sincere and determined young man,” maintains Pooja. “He ate right, worked out and danced a lot too. He also went in for Crossfit training.”

7. Karan Johar
Bollywood’s best-known filmmaker also went from tubby and chubby to slim and trim, following a very strict diet. “Karan doesn’t always get the time to work out, but he
eats every two hours,” says Pooja. “The only thing he really needs to do now is get an hour of daily workout to lose a few more kilos.”