Bollywood needs to become global: Muzaffar Ali

By Hindustan Times

His period drama Umrao Jaan still fascinates movie aficionados, and Muzaffar Ali is busy scripting two more historicals. He feels it's time for Bollywood to become global and for that Indian filmmakers should come out of their middle-class flavour and scan the "issues from the grassroots

"I believe that Bollywood needs to become global. We are still maintaining the kind of middle-class flavour that is becoming very hybrid," Ali told IANS in an interview.

"If we are promoting our culture, then we need to go totally local and see the issues from the grassroots level. By doing this, we can call ourselves a global medium. We are not able to get the communication wavelength right to create a world product," he added.

The artist, who is also a fashion designer, poet, musi