Bollywood Movie Preview: Short Kut - The Con is On


By Bollywood Hungama News Network


Akshaye Khanna: Shekhar
Quiet yet intense, immensely talented yet low key... how aptly these adjectives fit the actor as well as the character he plays in the film. Shekhar's value system is sound and his funds in life are very clear - come what may, there are no short cuts to success. And if you have a dream, protect it.

Amrita Rao: Mansi
Behind her petite delicate frame hides a core of steel. For it needs immense strength to give up a starry career when you are at the top, and even more strength to walk out on your family to be with the man you love.

Arshad Warsi: Raju
He bluffs his way out of trouble and comes across as a good for nothing harmless fellow. Known for his out and out comedy, Arshad bring out a dark edginess to this loud mouthed character.

Chunky Pandey: Guru Kapoor
Raju (Arshad Warsi) comes acting, and almost makes him weep in frustration. But they become partners and then both flourish.

Siddharth Randeria: Kantibhai
He's the landlord with a heart of gold whose chawl is a virtual gold mine. He has immense respect and love for Shekhar and gambles his all to make Shekhar's dream come true.


Short kut The Con is On Set in Bollywood, Short Kut - The Con is On tells the story of two strugglers, one who makes it big as a Superstar (Raju - Arshad Warsi) after stealing a script, and the other whose struggle as a director (Shekhar - Akshaye Khanna) continues after his script gets stolen.

Things get really interesting when reigning actress Mansi's (Amrita Rao) romantic involvement with Shekhar gets culminated into a marriage while her professional interactions with Raju begin.

To add to the chaos, destiny again brings Raju and Shekhar face to face, when Shekhar is set to direct his first film, with Superstar Raju.

What follows now is a clash of the egos, and immense commotion building up to a fun-filled confusion. What happens next as the real life drama of the reel unfolds is the crux of the plot of Short Kut - The Con is On.