Bollywood Movie Preview: Runway


By Bollywood Hungama News Network


Amarjeet (Allan)

The youngster with the nerve and the audacity to take on the biggest of bigwigs! It is this mind-set and the characteristic that makes him unusual and think and act in his own unique way. It is his love for Melvyna that lands him In Mauritius in the midst of heavy gunshots. A part of his life was left behind in Daman and in Mauritius he is now face to face to face with another part of his life in the form of Shaina. He had lost himself and his identity in that unknown land but it is his distinguishing quality that makes him determined not to loose or leave halfway the last fragments of life that he had come across. The heavy showers of bullets too do not deter him from reaching his objective.

Tulip Joshi (Shaina)

Shaina is a floor dancer in one of casinos owned by David in Mauritius. Life for her had been a mind-numbing routine till she came across Allan. She takes a step forward to help Allan in that unknown land and inadvertently steps in his life too. She feels that life had given her yet another opportunity in the form of Allan and dreams to live life at its fullest and be a true companion on the path to blissful life but what she had not envisaged was that fate had something else in store for her too and that life could once again become an endless wait.

Deepal Shaw (Melvyna)

Born in a middle class family of the Union territory of Daman, Melvyna was the only child of her parents. Her parents loved her but their love was overshadowed by their personal ambitions and Melvyna had no one to turn to in her times of need and loneliness. She found solace in the company of drugs which filled the void in her life, but only temporarily. She lamented the fact that no one seemed to understand her or her plight except Allan who stood by her through thick and thin but then fate had other things in store for her.

Lucky Ali (Khalid)

Runway Khalid was the highest ever paid assassin in the world of crime and there was a red alert declared against him by the Interpol for the past many years but he had been giving the police a slip across the world. He did not believe in carrying luggage around with him and therefore preferred to work alone leaving no traces behind him. His modus operandi was different in every crime he committed and he seemed to be content with his piece of work [read crime] as there was always a gap of couple of years between his crimes.
There was an old adage in the corridors of crime that if Khalid takes up a job no power in the world could save the target and if the victim ever lived to tell his tale then it would mean that Khalid is no more. And that no victim of Khalid ever lived to tell his tale meant that Khalid was very much alive and ticking...

Sharat Saxena (Anthony)

The uncrowned king of Daman! His word was the law and no one dared to go against him. Anthony had an eye for talent and Allan's nerve and audacity catches his eyes as he realizes that Allan seemed to live by the adage of an eye for an eye. People who looked into the eyes of death unblinkingly always fascinated Anthony as he found them touching a special chord in him and Allan proved to be one. Circumstances take Allan from the shores of Daman and deposit him to the shores of Mauritius but not without the best wishes and a helping hand from Anthony.

Shawar Ali (David)

David is ranked as one of the richest in the island of Maruritius. He is the owner of a number of clubs and casinos in Mauritius. David is extremely shrewd and has his hand on the pulse of all that happens around him. He is a meticulous planner who knows the correct person to be tapped to snuff out the lives of the targets he decides to do away with. But it was too late before he realized that he had in fact underestimated Allan and had been forced to turn a Goliath with Allan becoming the David.

Rauf Lala (Rauf)

A Jack of all trades master of none! Rauf is a taxi driver in Mauritius whose tongue runs on wheels but with his "talent" it often seems as if being a taxi driver was a part time job while wheeling and dealing was his bread and butter. Money and Beer were the driving force in his life and for that he could go to any lengths. On Shaina's insistence Rauf ends up doing something that turns the wheels of fortune in his life and he drives into a no entry.

Runway Synopsis

Allan is a twenty two year old dashing young man who becomes a contract killer to save his love Melvyna. Melvyna worked in a Next Gallery and had unfortunately fallen prey to drug addiction and was now battling for life getting treated for drug addiction and other complications which had raised their ugly head due to prolonged drug abuse. Allan wants her to live & see the better part of life he wants to save her at any cost so to arrange quick money for her treatment he takes the contract of killing the billionaire casino owner Victor.

And then the mystery continues...