Bollywood is incredible: Ashley Judd


By Hindustan Times

Hollywood star Ashley Judd says she is fascinated with the big world of Bollywood and our desi stars. “Bollywood is the greatest entertainment industry in the world. Your movies and your stars deliver incredible stories fantasy and escape and emotional identification. Also, you
have some of the greatest stars. I am very proud to know Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Sushmita Sen,” says Judd.

So, would she be interested in working in an Indian film? “That would be fabulous, and I would love to have that adventure,” says Judd, who has been supported by many Bollywood stars in her social work. “I am blessed to know something of their kind hearts. They helped me with my work fighting sex slavery, uplifting the poor, protecting children, reducing the stigma of HIV/AIDS,” she says.

Judd, 43, who was on a sabbatical from films since 2006, is now back in the limelight on the small screen as a CIA agent in her new TV show, Missing. Talking about the show, that goes on air tonite on Star World, Judd says, “I play a mother looking for her son. Every episode, though high on action and intrigue, is essentially about family and I think the Indian audience will love it.”

Judd also has directorial ambitions. “I probably will direct someday; it would be really fun to have that experience at least once. It will have to be a script I love, as I think the director is the most sleep-deprived person on set,” she says.