Bollywood Film Industry does its own mid-year check!


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Mid point of the year has arrived and while there would soon be an array of reports around the best and the worst of the year so far, we thought of getting in touch with celebrities from the industry and popping the question:

'What according to them is the best and the worst of the year so far?'

An interesting trend emerged though. While Race and Jodhaa Akbar led the pack when it came to the best of the lot, import from Pakistan - Khuda Kay Liye too found quite a few takers. No prizes for guessing which film took the beating for being the worst of the lot. Read on....

Sajid Khan: As far as the best film is concerned, I am still waiting. As for the worst, it was Tashan. I had a lot of expectations from the film which unfortunately were blown sky high to smithereens by the badly made film. I guess the film teaches all that never ever think that the audience is stupid and gullible. But guess what? I think this is what the director of the film was thinking.

Adhyayan Suman: Let me talk about the worst of the lot. It was Haal-e-Dil. Period. The screenplay was weak/passé and the characters in the film were incomplete.

Mukesh Bhatt: Well, fortunately or unfortunately, I believe Jannat is the only true-blue HIT movie that Bollywood has seen this year. Add to it that critical appreciation and audience love also which it got and it makes me say that Jannat is the best movie of the year so far. Also, it entertained in a big way, something that can be gauged from the very fact that it is No. 1 everywhere, whether it is music charts, ring tones or box office barometer. The film worked for producers, distributors, sub-distributors - just about everyone. Messaging about youth, their desires and their downfall - everything is just what we know happens in the real life too!

Gul Panag: Guess what, I know I am in minority but I really enjoyed - hold your breath - Tashan. It was good entertainment and eye tonic. It was also quite hilarious in parts. I loved Akshay and I think all of this came together to make for some light entertainment.

Ramesh Taurani: According to me the best film till now is Race as it has been the highest grosser till now!

Tanushree Dutta: I don't have much to say about the films released this year. However, Om Shanti Om from last year still remains to be my favorite. It was funny, witty, emotional, sassy and cool - all at the same time!

Hazel: I think Khuda Ke Liye was the best. Even though it dealt with an interesting and disturbing issue, it was both informative and entertaining.

Vivek Agnihotri: I loved Jodhaa Akbar for its craftsmanship and canvas. Tashan was easily the worst because of its on-your-face contempt for audience intelligence.

Madhur Bhandarkar: Aamir is the best of the lot since it mixed realism with commercial ingredients. Also, it doesn't fail to surprise you at every juncture. Director Raj Kumar Gupta and Rajeev Khandelwal have done an amazing job! In fact can I name two films? For me Jannat follows closely as well. I really liked the way Kunal Deshmukh handled the subject. I liked the film's subject that was quite well narrated.

Pritam: Guess what, I have been so busy this year that I have not seen any film till now. I haven't even checked out my own Race and Jannat, can you believe that?

Suneel Darshan: For me the best of the lot was Race. It rocked in a big way. Worst film was undoubtedly Tashan. Simply put, it was ridiculous!

Robby Grewal: Well, it's not really easy to answer this one. But I think Khuda Ke Liye is simply the best since it explored a sensitive topic in such a brutally honest and realistic manner.

Neha Dhupia: Mithya. Do I really need to state the reason?

Geeta Basra: I really liked Race due to its action packed narrative, some great music and suspense. I also liked Jodhaa Akbar for some sheer chemistry between Hrithik and Aishwarya. It was a treat for the eyes and a pure love story. It was so well done and kinda cute. Ashutosh Gowariker deserves all the appreciation for the work he did in the film.

Prakash Jha: To be honest, I haven't seen most of the films this year, hence no favorites.

Nakuul Mehta: Jodhaa Akbar was great since it was a majestic tale told by Mr. Gowarikar. It also had some brilliant performances by the actors.

Priyanka Kothari: I really liked Race. I was kept guessing from start to finish about what would happen next. In a year where there haven't been too many real entertainers, Race gripped me from first till the last frame.

Harry Baweja: I am too busy caught up in the post production and release of Love Story 2050. I guess I would be happy to answer this question when we reach 2008 end.

Rahul Dholakia: Khuda Ke Liye is probably the only film that dares to talk about fundamentalism without propagating. It talks about terrorism without sensationalizing it. It talks about identity quite creatively. It has got some fine performances and made at a time when Pakistan is at the crossroads of democracy.

Ranvir Shorey: Mithya! For obvious reasons!

Mugdha Godse: I liked Aamir a lot. It was very different yet interesting new age film. It is simple one of the most amazing films that I have seen lately.

Rohit Jugraj: My answer to this question is "Race!Race!Race!" Three reasons for that: 1) Pulp! Pulp! Pulp! 2) Mass! Mass! Mass! 3) Delivered what it promised without being pseudo.

Vikram Bhatt: I am busy mixing my upcoming film 1920 and that's the only movie at the top of my mind as of now!

Sophie Chodhry: Best film of the year is undoubtedly Jodhaa Akbar. The music, performances, look and feel of the film is simply magical. As for the worst, there have been so many bad films that it's tough to single out any!

Sanjay Khanduri: It has to be Jodha Akbar. Look at the way Ashutosh Gowariker not just dreamt big but also got it just the way he wanted on celluloid. It was brilliant in all aspects, whether acting, sets, costumes or cinematography. It would require some really well made film to beat Jodhaa Akbar to emerge as the favorite of the year.

Hasnain Hyderabadwala:Race is THE film for me this year. Come on, how many filmmakers would dare to come forward and make a statement - 'Chuck morality'? We can see that the world around us is hardly boasting of any huge moral standards and Abbas Mustan just showed us the mirror. Without trying to be intellectual about the issue, they presented it in such a kick-ass commercial manner!