Bollywood doesn't want me: Shilpa


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Nov. 5 -- Actor-turned Business woman Shilpa Shetty doesn't blame her marriage and multiple ventures for her disappearance from films. It's the lack of "interesting" and new roles that have compelled the 36 year-old to announce a break from the big screen.

"No earth-shattering roles were being offered to me. There was nothing. Whatever little work was coming my way, I had already done those things. I didn't want to repeat myself. I want to do parts that will justify me as an actor," says Shilpa.

Since that isn't happening, she believes it's time for a sabbatical. "So, I have taken this deliberate break for two years before I start acting again. I had reason to do that because I got married and responsibilities and priorities all changed for me overnight. I'm still a full-time businesswoman and it's very difficult to do everything together."

And no, she isn't missing her original profession.

"I don't miss it. I'm very content in my life and I'm very busy with my business and my husband, so I don't really feel like I'm losing out on it," says the actor, who will however be once again seen on celluloid in her long awaited upcoming flick, Desire.

Shilpa has a flourishing spa business, an Indian Premiere League team (Rajasthan Royals) and her own yoga DVDs, and has now launched a discounted real estate website, Group Home Buyers, for the middle class segment. And if you thought this was it, hold on. "My next business would be my production company," she says.