Bollywood celebs share why Diwali is special!

By Hindustan Times

As a kid, I loved Diwali because there was no school. Now, I love the festival for different reasons. It’s the season when you spend quality time with your family and loved ones, and eat loads of sweets. But what we shouldn’t miss out on is the positivity and happiness during the Diwali
celebrations. I wish everyone a happy and positive Diwali.
—Akshay Kumar

Diwali is always a special day, for many reasons. Most of my films release on Diwali and I don’t know if it’s because of Diwali that my films do well, or the fact that my films do well that makes Diwali special. I just know that the day is always special. So here’s wishing everyone a happy Diwali!
— Shah Rukh Khan

I would like to wish all the readers a very happy and fun Diwali. Make sure that this Diwali