Bollywood: ‘Big look’ in a small budget!


By Hindustan Times

May has been a month of small budget films. The usual crowd pullers, the big stars, are absent from the silver screen. Hence, the filmmakers of small budget films that are slated to release in May and June are opting for out-of-the-box promotional methods to attract audiences.

The small budget film line-up comprises films such as Ragini MMS, Stanley Ka Dabba, Love U…Mr Kalakaar, Shaitan, Bol, Love Express, Always Kabhi Kabhi and Bhindi Bazaar Inc. Most of these films have an innovative plan for promotions, but few methods stand out.

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, producer of Love Express and Cyle Kick, is offering viewers a chance to watch both of his movies at the price of one. “It is a win-win situation for filmmakers, distributors and the viewers. Why should we charge a high price on a multiplex ticket for a small budget movie when it is made by new talent or an independent filmmaker?” says Ghai.

Director Roshan Abbas says that filmmakers should try and associate their movie with current market trends, for example, promotional songs. In his directorial debut Always Kabhi Kabhi, a Shah Rukh Khan production, Abbas has included a peppy promotional song in the beginning of the film starring Shah Rukh Khan. “Collaboration with brands — that your movie associates with —also helps in making audience more aware about the film,” he adds.

Ekta Kapoor, the producer of Ragini MMS says, “It is always better to release your low budget film when other small scale movies are being released. Else, if you release it along with a big budget film, the eyeballs will surely be grabbed by the latter.”

Karan Arora, producer of Bhindi Baazaar Inc. says introducing an unlikely face in an item song works well, and so does coming up with web applications that are in sync with the storyline. “Catrina Lopez will appear in an item song and a promotional song for the film, which I feel works very well. We have also developed a game application that matches the story’s theme,” says Arora.

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