Bobby Deol is setting up a production empire


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

After losing ten kgs for his role in Chamku, Bobby Deol is now heavily into chocolates. "It wasn't easy for me to lose weight. But once I made up my mind, I did it. But now I'm trying to make back that weight and binging on chocolates."

Like his dad and elder brother, Bobby Deol is now fully into family concerns. In fact the younger Deol scion is so much into production now, he wishes he had got into before.

"It's with my film Chamku that I've become involved with our home production. I've been totally involved with its shooting and post-production. I'm like an apprentice on the job, learning about how to produce a film. My brother believes I've been lazy. But I now realize home productions give me the choice to do the kind of films I want to do. Outside producers only come to you with the films that THEY believe in. For Chamku, I was part of the music sitting, pre-production, post-production. It's my baby."

Bobby now wants to assist directors and get more proficient with the technique of filmmaking. "I've been part of this industry for years. And my brother is into direction. I don't feel ready for it. I wish I was."

What Bobby is ready for is another film with his father Dharmendra. "It's a father-son story. There's no other way we can come together on screen. Sangeeth Sivan is directing it. It's the story of a father and son discovering each other during a journey. Then I'm doing an action-comedy with Sunny Deol. But it won't be just fun. We brothers will share a lot of emotional moments We can't come together without sharing emotions. That will be directed by Samir Karnik who's another of my favourite director's right now. I've done two films with Samir and we Deols are very impressed by his work."

Sangeeth Sivan and Samir Karnik are part of a new set of directors the Deols want to cultivate, like they once nurtured the talents of Gurinder Chadha and Raj Kumar Santoshi.

Says Bobby, "Though I'm open to outside offers, it's definitely more productive to do home productions where everything is under our control. And we have three in house actors."

Dad Dharmendra recently underwent knee surgery in the US. "And he has recovered very well. I'm dying to work with him."