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By IndiaFM News Bureau
The biggest democracy nation of the world has yet to learn how to use democracy to its advantage. A nation where freedom of speech or protests are merely used to exploit Bollywood celebrities are constantly complaining why their government lacks efficiency improving lives of 'aam janta' (general public). The Janta or the public runs to protest if a celebrity is seen receiving a simple peck on the cheek, but fails to see positive cause of the campaign of AIDS awareness. Also, if a celebrity is quoted voicing his/her opinion, forgetting that even celebrities are entitled to freedom of speech. However, where is this public acknowledgement, when the bureaucratic system is being abused by the general public from bribing watchman to the main boss?

I think we all remember the Aamir Khan controversy around the time when Fanna movie was released, regarding some comment he had made regarding the Narmada dam in Gujarat. Now that happened about couple of years back; however, some people in Gujarat just do not want to let it go. Some group of people has gone to movie theaters threatening the managers not to screen Tare Zameen Par. Now this task is necessary because the whole Gujarat state public is not entitled to watch the movie because few people who have too much time on their hand to blow this issue out of proportion. Although, I have not watched the movie, I feel that each individual should watch it in order to understand kids, not that I'm promoting the movie.

So the real issue here is that the public will create a huge controversy over little things what bollywood celebrities does, but it fails to acknowledge issues which effect their lives. Also, the public knows more about what is happening in Bhachans house then the parliament in New Delhi. If one is to ask younger generation who is the Defense Minster of India? They would not know! However, they can probably list all the star cast of the movie Om Shanti Om. It is sad to say that the biggest democratic nation in the world is also the weakest nation when it comes to supporting the government in improving daily lives of AAM JANTA! However it is powerful when it comes to remembering bollywood related events.

Now when leading a normal life one forgets that Bollywood industry ONLY exist to entertain the public. But the public has given so much importance and power to bollywood industry that who knows it might even create its own government in the Land of Mumbai!

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