Bips recommends Maddy!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 25 -- RMadhavan was surprised that his costar Bipasha Basu, with whom he is cast for the first time, recommended him for their forthcoming film, Jodi Breakers. It is the story of two individuals who break relationships and eventually end up falling for each other.

"Bipasha was the one who had recommended me for the role. Two years ago, the producers came to me saying that Bipasha had wanted me to be part of the project. I was even told that she was too busy and probably wouldn't be part of the project. The producers tried looking for someone else but Bipasha and I were destined to work together. So, here we are," Madhavan says.

He adds,"I was uncomfortable with the idea of working with someone else because no one else fits the role better."

Madhavan recalls that eventually, after waiting for two years, Bipasha found the time on her date diary. And in a week's time, the dates had been frozen.