Bips grooves to Helen's lessons!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 18 -- For any dancing star in Bollywood, actordancer Helen is a the absolute benchmark. When Bipasha Basu was asked to perform a sultry song in her upcoming Jodi Breakers, she decided to seek help from the yesteryear dancing diva, who also plays a key role in the film, that also toplines the 3 Idiots star Madhavan.

"Bipasha's dance number isn't exactly an item number but it involves a lot of oomphy moves. So, the best person she thought she could approach for tips was Helen aunty because she's the ultimate dancing queen we have in Bollywood even today," says a unit member. Sources claim that although Bipasha and Helen have acted in the film they don't have too many scenes together. So, whenever Bipasha and she would be shooting together, she'd go out of her way to speak to Helen and ask for advice to improve her overall dancing skills.

"Bipasha, sometimes, even went over to Helen's house to speak to chat up with her. Their discussions were usually around dance forms and the way Helen pulled off her sizzling songs on screen that are still widely watched," adds the unit member. Sources close to the dimpled Bengali star maintain that she has always adored Helen's work which wasn't anything like the recent item songs, 'Munni badnaam hui...' (Dabangg) or 'Sheila ki jawani...' (Tees Maar Khan).

Bipasha's favourite Helen song is 'Monica...Oh my darling...' (Carvaan). Bipasha admits she finds Helen like a live wire even at her age. "She's such a positive person. Helen aunty is affectionate, warm and gentle. She's graceful, charismatic and beautiful, beating any Bollywood beauty even today," beams Bipasha. "I'm sure everyone will love her work in our film as much as all of us do. When I grow older, I really wish I'm as charged up as she is at her age. She also has this childlike innocence which I wish even I can retain."