Bipasha to whip up Chef avatar!


By Hindustan Times

She is busy with back-to-back films, endorsements and fitness DVDs. But Bipasha Basu has a new plan up her sleeve — becoming a trained cook. Apparently, she is keen to join the famous culinary institute, Le Cordon Bleu (at either New York or Paris) for a professional cooking course. But
sources insist Bips is finding it tough to find the time in her packed schedule.

“It has definitely been my dream to be a very accomplished cook/chef. But of late, I haven’t been able to do any cooking due to my super busy schedule. If I really want to push it and cook more, one of the ideas is to go to a proper culinary school. But since the course will take some time — at least a couple of months — I’m not sure how I will be able to make time for it,” confirms Bipasha.

The Race (2008) actor wants “to learn healthy styles of cooking” especially desserts. Ask Bips what cuisines she wants to
master and she chuckles, “Definitely Oriental, Mediterranean and Japanese since they are healthier and greener with a lot of seafood which I simply love. I want to learn to make waffles and cupcakes. I can bake cakes but the idea is to bake crème de la crème desserts.”

Busy with Raaz 3 and Singularity right now, Bips admits that it’s tough to juggle her passion with her profession. “Career wise, it’s a very important time for me. Definitely I have plans (to learn cooking) but I must balance that with my professional life. Let’s see if I can pursue a short-term crash course till then,” she says.

‘Mommy’ Bips to master cooking!
Bipasha feels one can’t become a mother if a woman doesn’t know how to cook. “My friends, such as Deanne (Pandey), are mothers too but they can’t cook. I always tell them, ‘what kind of a mother are you?’ Some day I would like to have kids but before that, I want to polish up my cookery skills. And this doesn’t mean that I want to have a child right now,” says Bips with a laugh. She adds, “For instance, if my mother didn’t know how to cook, I would be very angry.”