"Bipasha couldn't stop laughing after visualizing Abhi & me as couple" - John Abraham


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

While Priyanka Chopra has been practically enjoying one film release a month and Abhishek Bachchan saw the release of Drona and Sarkar Raj this year, for John Abraham it has been quite some wait. Last November, his Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal released while this year in the same month, he sees his Dostana arriving at theaters. Practically living out of suitcases while shooting non-stop for his next with Yash Raj Films (tentatively titled New York) and making intermittent visits to Mumbai for shooting and promotion of Dostana, he talks to Joginder Tuteja as his romcom hits the screens.

Everyone is going ga-ga about the fun fest that Dostana is. How much of fun was it on paper?
Believe me, when Dostana was narrated to me by Tarun (Mansukhani), I burst out laughing. I was in splits throughout. I said to myself, 'If I am enjoying it so much, my audience too would certainly enjoy it'. Eventually we have managed to achieve what we had set out for. That's because we wanted to make a fun film with the foremost consideration that we were not there to make fun of any particular community. The characters were never allowed to look or behave caricaturish.

So it was all fun and frolic the moment you guys started working on the film?
Absolutely, there is nothing so serious in the storytelling of Dostana. It is a sweet funny film and the movie has stuck on this very brief which was given to all of us. Of course there are 3-4 absolutely beautiful moments where you don't quite start laughing uproariously. These are some very sweet and emotional moments. I can distinctly remember one which is between Priyanka and me and also another one between Abhishek and Priyanka.

A Dharma Production at it's best?
Of course, there are bound to be some beautiful heartwarming moments due to this very fact. But yes, in essence it stays on to be a fun film all the way. The film is just a little over 2 hours and looking at the standards set by Karan Johar films, it is quite short in length (laughs). Dostana is short, absolutely fast moving with not a single moment where it slows down.

So who amongst you and Abhishek agreed to be 'the girl' when paired opposite each other in Dostana?
[Laughs] Well, we take turns. That's the argument we have in the movie throughout when it comes to being a girlfriend!

How about your own girlfriend Bipasha? How did she react to Dostana once you broke the news about the film and the character you play?
She couldn't stop laughing after visualizing Abhi and me as a couple. Imagine two 6 feet plus guys faking a romantic relation with each other; it has to be the funniest thing in the world. Bipasha has seen the film and believes that it has to be a super success in the making. She has been very right in her assessment of movies till date. She always tells me then and there if my movie will be successful or not and in case of Dostana, she knows that it would work.

Didn't she warn you about No Smoking in that case?
She did actually wonder as to why was the film getting such a massive theatrical release. She confided in me that it was a festival film to begin with and should not have come with a commercial tag. Of course, she enjoyed the film and felt that it was a path breaking.

Coming back to Bipasha and her liking for Dostana. What if she comes to you tomorrow and says that she is working in a film where she is paired opposite other woman.
I will be game for it.

Which of the Bollywood heroines would you see her to be paired with?
Errr, that's a tough one.

Just try
[Blushes] I can't actually think of any women. But yes, I am sure whatever Bipasha would do, she would do it convincingly.

Just the way you and Abhishek have done in Dostana?
[Laughs] Yes, you can say that. And now as the film is out, I hear people are saying just the same. We are the newest romantic 'jodi' in town!