Bipasha copies Beyonce and Shakira?


By Hindustan Times

Bipasha Basu's song titled by her name is creating a lot of buzz. Not because it's from her upcoming film Jodi Breakers, also starring R Madhavan, but parts of the number bear an uncanny resemblance to international hit Beautiful Liar, featuring Beyonce and Shakira.

However, music director Salim Merchant of Salim-Sulaiman fame defends the track. "I don't really know which song you are talking about, but what we have created is an original number. We make sure none of our music sounds similar to anyone else's. Even if it sounds similar, it will never be entirely the same," he told Mid Day, adding that the whole song should be heard first.

Bipasha is excited about the song. "If we have a certain name in films or songs, they become very popular. So, I was known as Billo for the longest time. Over the years, a lot of filmmakers asked if they could name my character Bipasha or make a song with the name in it, but I have always been apprehensive about it," she told HT Cafe.

"Salim-Sulaiman first made the composition and presented it to me. I really love their works. And I made my manager, family members and friends listen to it, and everyone simply loved it," she added.

Choreographed by Bosco-Ceaser, Bips also worked on her styling in the song. She said, "My stylist Shyamalee and I worked on it because I work on my looks myself."

On being asked about the Beyonce number, however, she told Mid Day: "Oh really? I didn't know that."

Now, the high-flier that Bipasha is, it does seem a bit hard to digest that she hasn't heard one of the most sensational international songs ever made.