Bipasha: Blow hot, blow cold!



Mumbai, May 19 -- The temperature in Mumbai is unbearably high these days. When actors have to shoot for over 12 hours in stuffy studios or outdoors under the harsh sun, they certainly feel more than their share of the heat.

Perhaps that's why Bipasha Basu is grinning these days as she's off to the hilly terrain of Ooty to shoot a schedule of her Vikram Bhatt production, Creature. The movie is a 3D horror film on the lines of Anaconda (1997) and Bats (1999).

A source says, "Bipasha is thrilled that she will be in Ooty for a long schedule of her next film. She is excited to visit the hill station and leave the hot weather in Mumbai behind." The actor confirms this development saying, "Mumbai is a hot plate right now so I'm really looking forward to the shoot in Ooty. That will allow me to get away from the city."

Bipasha will be leaving to shoot for Creature on June 1, with the schedule lasting around 40 days. Vikram plans to shoot a major chunk of the film, including some intense scenes, in the cool weather. Of course an outdoor schedule also means that Vikram will be able to keep the 'creature' hidden from the media's eyes.

"Bipasha has been busy wrapping up her commitments elsewhere as she wants to concentrate on this film which is a first-of-its-kind," adds the source.