Bipasha on being accused of child labour!


By Hindustan Times

Bollywood damsel Bipasha Basu landed herself in a big trouble when she posted a picture of two children tying her shoelaces and tweeted, "I need to learn to tie shoe laces ASAP! Embarrassed that I can't! No patience grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt! Will learn soon."

This news spread like a fire and people started accusing the actor of child labour. "Bipasha should be arrested for this act. Only then these film studios will not do any child labour," posted a follower. Another tweet read, "Disgraceful Bips - cannot believe you are dumb enough to add this photo on Twitter!"

Bips later deleted the picture and justified the act by saying, "Well the ppl helping me in the pix r my friend n sister, Who I help often with the same! So am sorry if it hurt anyones sentiments! (sic)"

But her fans didn't buy this explanation. In the deleted tweet she confessed she doesn't know how to tie laces and in her explanation she stated she does the same (tie laces) for the children in the pic.

Bipasha was in the capital for an event. When quizzed about the twitter controversy, she stated, "I think you should read my post on twitter. It's not child labour, that's all I can say."