Bipasha Basu: eye see!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 23 -- Good morning steak pizzas! Monday is not a moanday for me this week. Any guesses? My mamma's here! And you know what? She's going to be with me for good now! Isn't that a great start to the week? And trust me, she's a bigger gossip monger than anyone else in the world.

She beats all my detectives, khabris, maids and bawarchis when it comes to 'news'. So today, I'm reading out entirely from Mamma's diaries! The first page is dedicated to Bipasha Basu, who is feeling extremely sorry these days. Sorry? For what? The actor has developed conjunctivitis in one of her eyes.

And so, she's unable to step out of her house for anything. To begin with, the actor has missed out on important meetings and has rescheduled them for another day. Bipsy had a shoot, which she has had to cancel. That was the one she felt the worst for because an entire unit had been waiting for her for an entire day.

And when she arrived on the sets with her sore eyes, she didn't know what to say to the spot boys, make-up and camera assistants and a host of others. My mommy writes that she felt extremely sorry for their one-day's salary getting cut because of her. And with one red eye, and glares on, she couldn't even manage to go to the gym and work out. Hmm, I think resting would be the best to do for now Bips... Aage bahut kaam karne baaki hain!