Bipasha Basu: Bikini, forever


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 15 -- Oh, another revelation of the day for me. I didn't know that Bipasha Basu was so fond of bikinis. If someone thought that Dhoom 2 and Players were the only times she's worn a bikini in public, then he or she is highly mistaken.

The first time Bipsy wore a bikini was when she was a knee-high kid, maybe about four or five years old. She was on holiday with her family when she wore it. Hmm, putting now and then together, I think not much has changed. She loved the bikini then, and loves it even now. Not bad, girl... at least you don't have any extra kilos bulging from your body when you get into that twopiece, unlike some women I know. After all such is life dearies!