'Bigg Boss was a madhouse'


By Hindustan Times

Bigg Boss Season 6 brought with it many new changes, and one of them was the entry of a non-celebrity in the house. Hyderabad based martial arts expert Kashif Qureshi was the only regular person to be a part of the show. However, he was evicted in last week's eliminations.

With his martial arts background, Kashif was enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge on various topics with other housemates. However, his eagerness was misunderstood and he got into fights with fellow contestants Sapna Bhavnani, Niketan Madhok and Urvashi Dholakia. "It feels great now that I'm out. It was a madhouse," says Kashif. He adds, "It was a horrible experience. No one can stay normal inside. You either have to be a great actor, a crazy person or desperate for fame and money to survive. I didn't enjoy myself as opinions clashed and there were spats. I also felt targeted by other contestants who are celebrities. They were insecure about me."

If he had so many reservations, why did he choose to enter the house? "Everyone looks for recognition and I went there to explore this opportunity. I feel more people know me now," he laughs. "It is my dream to be an action star. I am a martial arts expert and if I get a chance to use that skill in films or television, I am game for it."

Kashif feels Delnaaz (Paul), Niketan and Aseem have the best chances of winning. "Delnaaz is a sweet person and much like Sidhu Paaji (Navjot Singh Sidhu), she always treated me like an equal. The rest either consciously or otherwise, behaved in a condescending manner towards me. Niketan and Aseem are simple people. And since none of them are putting up an act of pretence, I think one of them should win," he says.