BIGG BOSS: Salman Khan on competition with Big B and KBC


By Hindustan Times

Salman Khan is back on the small screen. And as he returns to host season six of the reality show Bigg Boss (BB, on Colors), he reiterates his promise that this time around, the daily prime time show will be a family-oriented one.

“I want families to watch BB together. I didn’t like the decibel level rising the last time. I had to intervene, which I didn’t like doing,” says Salman. “Contestants feel that if they make noise, they get noticed. But if you recall, the winners have all been personalities who are well-adjusted.”

He feels that inside the house, celebrities transform into common people, without their star trappings or luxurious lifestyles. Being filmed 24x7 brings out their real personalities. “The chemistry between contestants, and not controversies, is what makes BB work,” he says.

On competition with KBC 6
“There is no competition with Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan); he is miles ahead of us. He has a lot more experience than we do as far as shows or anything else is concerned. TRPs don’t depend only on me, but on the contestants. If the people are entertaining, then the audiences will be eager to watch (the show). I will give it my best and let other people do so too. We all work the same long hours.
I know how tiring doing a Bigg Boss shoot is, so I can understand.”?

On his future at 70
“I think by the time I reach Mr Bachchan’s age, when I turn 70, I will be doing a whole lot of work for Being Human (his charity organisation). That will be my focus, my priority. As it is, we are doing quite a bit currently. In the future, Being Human will grow further.”

On Saif-Kareena’s wedding
“As I haven’t got one (an invitation) yet, I don’t think it’s (the wedding) happening (smiles). When I get an invite, I’ll know that it’s
happening. Weddings are a personal, private matter. When I get married, I don’t think I’m calling anybody.”

On a TV show character RK
(in Madhubala) being inspired by him “Is he uncouth, obnoxious, a brat? Well then, that’s not me.”