Bigg Boss 6 was the ultimate test of your nerves: Sidhu


By Hindustan Times

Ex-cricketer and politician Navjot Singh Sidhu has exited Bigg Boss 6 and now is looking forward to the upcoming elections. His wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu had called a press conference in Chandigarh two days ago and appealed to the channel to release Sidhu from the house because Narendra Modi required him for election duties.“I am like a soldier, and now that my party needs me, I will be there and do what I have to. Party is supreme and I have orders from the party to join them. The best way to discharge your duty is to dispense with it. My party is like my mother and you will do anything for your mother,” says Sidhu about his exit.

Is he upset at leaving the show? “Disappointments need to be cremated not embalmed. At times there are commitments, which need you urgently and I want to thank Bigg Boss for allowing me to fulfil them,” he says.

Describing his experience he says, “It was the ultimate test of your nerves. Situations in there test what you are made of. The best compliment I got was from the people who are running the show. They said it is easy for us to break people who get angry and not be themselves, but we couldn’t do that with you.”

Sidhu has some fond memories though. “I will remember that I spent 30 days without any crutches. No phone, newspaper, TV, friends, family, nothing at all to keep you occupied. You are on your own. I got used to not having these things after a while due to my meditation and the regimental kind of schedule that I have,” he says.

People think that he went into the house to get publicity again with the upcoming elections, but Sidhu clears the air saying, “For a person who has won four elections in a row, I don’t need such publicity. And people don’t vote for those who do TV shows but for those who perform.”