BIGG BOSS 6: even I miss the fights and masala, says Salman Khan

By Hindustan Times

With the finale of Bigg Boss 6 set to take place next weekend, host Salman Khan, while relaxing during shooting in a chalet in Lonavala, claims this season had a good run. “Some people loved it while others didn’t,” says Salman Khan, about Bigg Boss 6 .

“The Colors team wasn’t as happy. Perhaps because they wanted more fights, toda-mataadi (breaking things) and all that. Fights in Bigg Boss 6 can get out of hand and are difficult to control. Even I miss the fights and masala. But I feel that there should be a balance.”

This year, he seemed to be actively involved in the show, be it going inside the house or keeping tabs on the contestants. He explains, “I am always involved and as for go