Big B sweeps 20,000 spectators off their feet in London at The Unforgettable Tour!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

This has never happened before. On Saturday night history was made at the posh 02 Arena in London. 20,000 spectators got to their feet for more than half an hour to watch Big B perform live on stage.

Speaking from London the Big B says, "What you've heard is absolutely right. This is unprecedented, and overwhelming. I've never gone through this experience before. Throughout my performance at the 02 Arena, the audience didn't sit at all. All 20,000 of them stood on their feet while I performed. It was a deeply moving and humbling experience. I've never been in a performance like this ever. And perhaps the audience too had never felt like this before. The entire venue was sold out. We all got standing ovations. The audience just freaked out."

The Big B's enthusiasm is understandable. At a time when the entertainment industry was singing dirges for Bollywood world tours 'Unforgettable' concerts have been an overwhelming success for the Bachchans. Now that 'The Unforgettable Tour' is almost over, it can be told. It was the Big B who held the concerts together.

In every city that the Bachchans performed in the US, West Indies and England, AB by far is the main attraction with Abhishek and Aishwarya forming the sidelights. Even Shilpa Shetty who joined the Bachchans in London admits as much. "The Big B is such a rock star. Performing with him was an eye-opener."

Adds Preity Zinta, "Let's admit it, the crowds came in such huge numbers mainly to see the Big B. We were the side attractions. The way the audiences everywhere reacted to him had to be seen to be believed."