Big B speaks from Toronto after the first 'Unforgettable' concert on Friday night


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

The first of the 'Unforgettable' concerts on Friday night in Toronto was a spectacular success.

Speaking about the show from Toronto, the Big B says, "It's a very well packaged show and the production was brilliant. The energy level of each performance was simply unbelievable. I am so happy for the kids - Akshay and Preity and Ritesh and Vishal and Shekhar and Abhi and Ash and Shiamak and his tireless dancers. Everyone performed their heart out. And the crowds were just fantastic. Sold -out venue. We had to open up the tiers to accommodate those who could not get tickets. Fire marshals and security had a tough time keeping them on their seats. Not a moment to breathe, just one ecstatic moment after another."

The Bachchan family was given a green-carpet welcome in Toronto. "The Prime Minister of Canada sent his Secretary of State to greet us and welcome us to Canada. He sent me a wonderfully worded, framed letter through him. I feel so honoured and privileged when India and Indians get recognition."

Enthused by the next 'Unforgettable' concert the Big B says, "The promoter from New Jersey came in to see the show and informed us that the New Jersey show is sold out, weeks in advance and New York is on its way to a sell out. This is unique for Indian show responses. Yes, I am old and seen and been there but the enthusiasm of the youngsters and the unchanging allegiance of the fans is such a booster, I start feeling young again, once on stage.

The Big B misses Mumbai already. "We will be away for a while, but the entire family is together. We have not been able to be like this for a very long time. I love being in this state, so long as we are all together.

The Big B's missing baggage has been retrieved. "Bags have been found and are with me. Costumes came separately and were in tact. Our first show last night (in Toronto) went off like a bomb. Incredible. Non stop adrenalin. And what a crowd! Just fantastic. Thank you Toronto."