Big B relies on others for his decisions!

New Delhi, July 23 (IANS) Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan can't take his decisions on his own, or so he says in his latest blog entry.

"My decisions on films that I have done, am doing and perhaps shall do in future, have always been led by factors that have been guided by what others feel about it rather than what I assess. I am terrible at that. Deciding what to do is a malaise with me," Amitabh posted on his blog

The veteran actor, who is currently in Los Angeles for his ongoing world concert "Unforgettable", says if has to take decisions alone, he would probably not be anywhere.

"I love and prefer being guided than to lead," he stated and added: "I would still tolerate a bad decision for me than the rigours of self-judgement. And my