Bhushan Kumar launches 3 films with Reshammiya


By IndiaFM

Not to be considered as a one film wonder any more, Himesh Reshammiya is now en route to the destination of being taken seriously as an actor with none other than T-Series backing his multiple projects. On Thursday, 29th November'07, Bhushan Kumar, head honcho T-Series, launched three films with Himesh Reshammiya. Each of these films would star the actor/composer/singer in a lead role.

The numerology factor

The interesting factor about each of these three films is a strong emphasis on numerology. Since celebrities like Himesh, Karan Johar, Rakesh Roshan and Ekta Kapoor are known for being staunch followers of numerological guidelines, Bhushan and Himesh have also played around with the letters to title the films as Karzzzz, Kajraare and A love Iissshtory! The films are directed by Satish Kaushik, Pooja Bhatt and John Mathew Matthan respectively.
The timing factor

Not just numerology, even timing for the film's launch also played a major role. The films were launched with song recordings of each of the three films. In 45 minutes flat, the percussions of a song each from the three films was recorded. Himesh's close friend informs, "This translates into the fact that now astrologically all 3 films have been rolled in those 45 minutes. This has been tipped to be very lucky by Himesh's astrologers."

This has worked in the past

Non-believers in numerology may shrug away the thought but the fact remains that numerology and astrology seems to have been working quite well for Himesh. The friend rattles down some statistics here, "See, 29th has been a hugely lucky date for Himesh. Remember the Wembley concert which was held last year? The date was 29th October. Later, his debut film Aap Kaa Surroor was also released on 29th June. This is why the launch of all his new films also has taken place between 1230 hrs IST - 13:15 hrs IST on 29th November."

Karzzzz, Kajraare and A Love Iissshtory - Ab angrezi mein bhi!

Bhushan Kumar has ambitious plans for each of these three films. Known for it's excellent marketing strategy which has resulted in huge album sales for the music company in the past and present, T-Series would be taking a huge step forward by releasing the music of Karzzzz, Kajraare and A Love Iissshtory in English as well.

Informs Himesh's friend, "This is a path breaking step. Bhushan Kumar wants Himesh's international fans, who don't understand Hindi language, also to enjoy his music. He has a huge fan-base abroad as well which is not just restricted to Asia but across continents. This is why the music would have a 2 CD pack of all songs in Hindi as well as English. In fact, work is already on for the English lyrics which are especially being written to suit the mood of the songs."