Bhoot Returns helps Manisha Koirala recover!


By Hindustan Times

Actor Manisha Koirala, who is returning to acting with Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot Returns, is apparently not very serious about re-building her career in Bollywood. The film in fact, is her way of escaping a disturbed married life with Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal. Manisha who has always been
under the media scanner for her turbulent relationships, recently ended her marriage with Dahal.

When asked about this, the actor says,“Yes, that was a big reason for me to get back in to acting. But while I was away, I also realised how much I loved cinema and missed acting in films. It’s my passion.”

As to why she particularly chose RGV’s film over other offers, Manisha says, “It was primarily because of Ramu. I worked with him in Company (2002), which was one of the finest films I have ever done.”

The actor also insists that Bhoot Returns is not her comeback film. “While I have other commitments to attend to, I also love acting. So I will be doing limited number of films and take up roles I haven’t done before. I don’t have the energy or the drive to be constantly busy,” she says.

Manisha admits that she can’t live up to the kind of image she carried in her heyday, and that disappoints many filmmakers who approach her.

“Offers start pouring in but when they see that I’m not the same Manisha from 15 years ago, they step back. But that’s good, because I can easily filter the good films from the rubbish then,” she says