Bhansali: Ga ga over Sussanne's store!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 15 -- Guess what Sanjay Leela Bhansali is showing off these days, asks my dhobi Safedi Lal as he saunters into my penthouse. I've no time or inclination for guessing games, I thunder, ordering him to give me the info, pronto...

And he says that the filmmaker has proudly displayed all the interior stuff he recently bought from Sussanne Roshan's store, The Charcoal Project in Andheri.

Bhansali bhai couldn't wasn't in the city when his current favourite actor Hrithik Roshan's wife unveiled her interior store. So when he returned, it was the first place he visited, and indulged himself.

Knowing his sense of aesthetics, the director is believed to have picked up some aromatic candles and exquisite stands, apart from a couple of exotic artifacts.

Aur pata hai kya? Whenever a guest comes visiting, Bhansali bhai gushes about his purchase from the Roshan store. Chalo, badhiya hai!