Being paired with Rekha should be interesting: Rishi Kapoor

Mumbai, Oct 6 (IANS) Rishi Kapoor is taking it slow right now, with only a few films on the floor, one being Raj Kanwar's "Sadiyaan" (Centuries) which is the launch pad for Shatrughan Sinha's son Luv and also pairs Kapoor opposite Rekha.

Besides "Sadiyaan", Kapoor has signed a film titled "Har Bahadi", about which he says "I don't only play myself namely Rishi Kapoor in the film, I get to play the central character."

Raj Kanwar, the director of "Sadiyaan", is an old Rishi Kapoor admirer. They worked together in "Deewaana", the film that launched Shah Rukh Khan.

Rishi said: "In this film I'm paired with Rekha after a long long time. That should be interesting. Besides these two films, I haven't signed anything. But the offers keep coming my way. I can't accept just any old role. That's not what my audience expects from me."


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