Beauty bites from the glamour world


By IndiaFM News


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So with agreement to this adage,

beauty holds different perspectives for every other eye. What may be pure,

flawless beauty to one may be superficial and bland to another. So what

happens when connoisseurs of beauty have varied things to say about this

subjective aspect? It fills the canvas with different hues of views about


Top photographer Daboo Ratnani believes in the final product and not

how the person looks in real life. It is very necessary that the person looks

dazzling in the picture or else the picture can't be perfect. He says, “As a

photographer, beauty is what I see through the lens. I am interested more in

the end product - the picture - rather than what the person is really all

about. It's okay if the person is not brilliant looking in real life, as long as

she is stunning when she is in front of the camera.”

On the contrary, ace photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha feels that an

imperfect beauty makes brilliant pictures. He feels that if a picture goes

wrong then it is not the face's fault, it is the photographer's fault though he

feels that there is an element of photogenic factors that count.

Daboo feels that a great bone structure and cosmetics can enhance

beauty. But he also feels that confidence in oneself is a prerequisite.

Gautam agrees that today beauty has become very cosmetic. He asserts,

“Unless you have your individuality with your won flaws and perfections -

you will look like anyone else around.”

Fashion designer Manish Malhotra has an altogether different take on

beauty. He feels that stylizing and enhancing will make a person look

complete. “I think beauty can't be one thing in isolation. You can't make an

actress wear one of your finest creations and think she'll look perfect. It's

the detailing that enhances the complete look - with accessories, make-up

and hair-do that complement her clothes and features. Its personality and

entire carriage that makes a woman look beautiful. That's what beauty

means to me.”

Manish feels that unlike yesteryears fashion and stylizing has been

given importance now. He states, “The concept of fashion and beauty has

gone through a complete metamorphosis over the years. When I joined the

film industry, they didn't really have space for a stylist, or the capacity to

understand the concept of styling. It was a struggle. There were Yash

Chopra films that were beautifully styled, but other than that fashion was

quite loud and garish. At that time the modeling fraternity and fashion

designers looked down upon Bollywood films. Slowly it changed and

every designer craved to be associated with designing clothes for movies.

When I hear people talking so much about make-over's, it's strange. I saw

it and was a part it ten years ago. Urmila and Karisma's makeover

happened ten years ago.”

The talented artists have their own choices of beautiful people based

on diverse criteria. For Daboo photographing Aishwarya Rai is a dream

come true. He also thinks Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Tabu look

fantastic. Rekha is the one he would love to work with. Gautam says,

“Imperfect beauty is a face like Dimple Kapadia's. Her nose is not exactly

where the plum line falls. Her lips are not completely in the center. Yet,

she's one of the most stunning visions we've had in films. Even Kajol, who

unlike her aunt (Nutan) is an imperfect beauty, makes brilliant pictures by

the sheer strength of the sparkle in her eyes and the infectious smile.” For

him Rekha and Madhuri Dixit and it is a challenge to capture Sridevi. He

has seen and appreciated the ilk of Juhi Chawla, Aishwarya Rai and even

Tina Munim since their struggling days and so is like a father -figure to


As far as Manish is concerned, he absolutely adores Sridevi. Zeenat

Aman, Rekha, Jaya Bachchan, Shabana Azmi and Neetu Singh are his all-

time favourites. But he cannot stop going gung-ho about Madonna. He

gushes, “She is a stunning woman who looks different every time you see

her. Not just her clothes, she works on her entire look. That's exactly how I

like to work - design in entirety, making the woman a perfect picture you

can't take your eyes off.”

So gone are the days of true conventional beauty. Now even an

unimaginably ugly thing can be beautified. But no matter what, beauty is

something which should strike THE chord. So beauty is how one makes it

look beautiful. After all even the ugly duckling was beautiful for its mother!