"Be genuine. That's the only way to get my attention" - Eesha Koppikhar


By FHM India,

From item girl to vamp to girl next door. Eesha Koppikar has lived up to every guy's fantasy by excelling in each of these roles. She has charmed her way into our hearts with her drop dead gorgeous looks and her sizzling performances. Read on as Eesha shares sweet little nothings even as she makes a devastating disclosure in the men's magazine FHM.

Eesha Koppikhar breezes into my studio an hour late, walking on those long, shapely legs and apologizes demurely. Awww! That million-dollar smile she flashes at me! I have forgiven her already. As she puts her makeup on, we get to reminiscing the last time she sipped that extra-strong tea from my flask. 'Yeesh! Don't even remind me. I don't have the stomach for your chai!' I look at her flatter-than-ironing-board stomach and wonder what it takes to get a new-age body like hers. 'Yoga,' she squeals with delight. 'And salads and meditation. You can't go wrong with good old Indian values.' Well, to be honest, my good-old-Indian-values fast evaporate as Eesha effortlessly cavorts and romances the camera. And while my camera whirrs and purrs, I can't help but think…Eesha's made for the arc lights.

We heard you are just back from a trip. Was it work or pleasure?
I had been to Bali to attend a friend's wedding. Bali was beautiful. So was the wedding. It was a nice break from work and I think I deserved the holiday.

Are you happy with your journey in Bollywood so far?
I started out with small-deglamourised roles down South and then turned to my glamorous avatar in Bollywood to now doing lead roles as the lead actress. It has been an interesting journey and a great learning experience. I have always had belief in my abilities and talent. The perseverance and hard work seem to have paid off.

Did being stereotyped as an item girl affect your career?
There is a lot of stereotyping in the film industry. People like to label you like boxes of cereal.

We know that in real life you are truly a fun person. Were Kya Kool Hain Hum and Salaam e Ishq easier to work on given your penchant for comedy?
I am a natural with comedy… I really enjoy comic roles. It was a wonderful experience working in Kya Kool…and in Salaam-e-Ishq.

You are one of the most chilled out girls in the industry. What makes Eesha so cool?
I believe in live and let live. I am not judgmental and I believe in the goodness of the human heart. Maybe this thinking makes me cool…I dunno!

Image Courtesy: Akash Shrivastava for FHM