Bas Ek Singh from Singh is Kinng Track


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Singh Is Kinng is in the news for all the right reasons. Starring the top-notch actors and comedians, the film is on a roll and definitely much awaited. Akshay Kumar has been having a blockbuster streak and Singh Is Kinng is also expected to go the same way.

' Bas Ek Singh ' track of the movie, Singh is Kinng is already gaining popularity among the masses, this lavishly picturized Punjabi hip hop number is said to be the soul of the movie and justifies the title of the film to the perfection.

When we quizzed Akshay Kumar, the lead actor of Singh is Kinng, what he thought of the track, he says, "'Bas Ek Singh' song is very nice…Sardars are always made fun of in our films, so I wanted to show what Sardars are and this song supports my thinking that 'Singh is Kinng'".

Anees Bazmee completely feels that the credit goes to all in the team. The director of the film says, "A song comes out good only when everyone in the project feels equally passionate about the song as much as the music director does, in this case the end result is good because everyone who was a part of the song felt the passion and delivered the best."

When Vipul Shah started working on the project with Anees Bazmee, they both briefed Pritam on the music to be just like the title, king size. He says, "When we were thinking of the 'Bas Ek Singh' track, I told Pritam to think of the most energetic song in the world and then make a song of that caliber, then Pritam came up with this idea that lets do a Punjabi number in hip hop, a fusion never ever tried in Hindi films. We have used lot of lights in the song so that its glamour is spread all over the sets making it look more lavish."

Anees Bazmee seconds the producer says, "The songs in the film are picturized very beautifully and sumptuously and when the picturisation and the sound track comes together it creates magic."