Barfi! team's next to be a trilogy?



Mumbai, June 17 -- Last year, Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor teamed up for Barfi!, which became a huge hit. Now, the director-actor duo is teaming up again under their new banner, Picture Barfi!.

A source close to the production reveals, "The Barfi! team is all set to reunite. This time, they don't want to make just one film. If all goes well, they want to create a franchise. Jagga Jasoos will be the first film in the series. They're working out details of whether they want to make a trilogy, but there will definitely be a part two."

The film will be directed by Anurag and will start Ranbir in the lead role. Their last venture, Barfi!, made over R100 crore at the box office. Incidentally, Ranbir and Anurag have also been in the news regarding a biopic on Kishore Kumar, which may be on the cards.