Baba Sehgal returns, trends on Twitter


By Hindustan Times

Baba Sehgal who carved out a niche as an Indian rapper with songs like Dil Dhadke, Thanda Thanda Paani and Manjula is back with a bang. The singer's latest song Praji Kunjam Kunjam Control on 'Save the Girl Child' is making waves on Twitter.

Baba Sehgal has given the song a distinct flavour by conveying a social message in a fun, amusing manner. The song urges the society to stop female infanticide, in Baba Sehgal's distinct style.

“In the scenario where Bollywood music rules the chart, it's a welcome change to launch this single on 'Indi Pop Radio' on This song is also very special to me as it conveys a message of 'Save the Girl Child'. I am sure listeners will love this song and will groove to its tunes,” Baba Sehgal said in a press note.

Baba trends on Twitter

@rjt00: If you haven't seen this yet, See it now, or else your life is use-less. One and Only Baba....Baba Sehgal naam hai inka

@SupraMario: Baba Sehgal has discovered the secret of time-travel, since he *clearly* went back to the '90s to make the 'Praji kunkam kunjam' video.

@viragthakkar: Was Baba Sehgal finally able to clone himself to "Main bhi Madonna" ? Why is he trending?

@RjSucharita: Yes. Female feoticide it is. Sigh. Baba Sehgal, when will you learn?

@TangdaLyaagi: Who says twitter isn't kind.. Baba Sehgal is trending in India..

@saptarshisaha: Baba Sehgal makes a comeback. Had he come without a song, he might well have stayed.