Baba Ramdev's movie debut?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 12 -- Subhash Kapoor who directed Phas Gaye Re Obama (2010) is planning a political satire inspired by Baba Ramdev's recent fast-unto-death to fight against corruption. Subhash reveals, "The film will revolve around the God man and the rivalry between two politicians. Recent developments in the yoga guru-corruption episode have provoked me to infuse these elements in the story."

Earlier this year, the yoga guru had fasted for nine days, triggering a confrontation with the UPA government. After the Centre refused to resume talks with him on the issues of corruption and black money, religious leaders Sri Sri Ravishankar and Morari Bapu persuaded the 46-year-old to break his fast.

Subhash says, "I was amused to see the same politicians who received him at the airport, ordered a lathi charge at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, where he was fasting." He adds, "It's also interesting that Baba Ramdev, who raised the issue of corruption, has a Rs 1000 crore empire and flew to Delhi on a Sahara airplane for the fast. These elements will add humour to the story."

The director promises to pack in a punch with characters like an aspiring female social worker, a junior sadhu, cops and an underworld don wanting to enter politics. He says, "I want to cast Makrand Deshpande as Baba, since he has a lean, fit body. Paresh Rawal would suit the role of one of the politicians. Once I finish shooting Jolly LLB with Arshad Warsi in November, I will start casting. I plan to go on floors early next year."