B-town will remain a hero-centric business: Bipasha Basu

By Hindustan Times

Women are active in show business like never before, but will they surpass the status Bollywood heroes enjoy? Never, says actress Bipasha Basu, who feels there is "minimum" opportunity for female actors in the Hindi film industry.

"In Bollywood, the opportunities for female actresses is very minimum. There's not much choice for us except to be safe and look pretty and do some nice dance numbers," Bipasha told IANS in an interview.

The year 2011 saw films like The Dirty Picture, No One Killed Jessica and Saat Khoon Maaf -- showcasing a promising trend as far as women finding prominent roles in movies was concerned.

But Bipasha says: "One Dirty Picture hasn't changed anything much. It's just that you're lucky sometimes to get a D