B-Town gives mixed response to censor cuts in movies for TV


By Hindustan Times

The no show of Vidya Balan's superhit movie The Dirty Picture on television has met with mixed reactions from Bollywood, with some filmmakers not in favour of editing the bold content, while others agreeing to the censor board's decision. Vidya Balan's portrayal as southern siren Silk
Smitha in The Dirty Picture was set for its worldwide TV premiere on a Sunday afternoon last month. Despite the film being submitted with 59 cuts, it wasn't allowed to be aired because of its bold content, which created furore amongst channels and filmmakers.

Noted director-producer Ram Gopal Varma, whose upcoming movie Department has loads of action, drama and an item number, says, "I am not aware of the regulations...how they (Censor board) manage it. The concept of censorship is outdated in today's times as every person has access to various things."

"You just have to offer the content and it is upto them whether they want to see it or not. The whole thing about protecting it from children ...how anything can be protected from anyone, in that case even cellphones and internet must also be banned," Varma told PTI.

On whether Department would also undergo certain cuts, he said, "We will take a call on that after censor board's decision and on what rating we get."

Director Soojit Sircar, whose recent movie 'Vicky Donor' dealt with a subject of sperm donation and had bold dialogues, echoes a similar view, "I think it is people's decision what they want to see and what not. It is not only the responsibility of filmmakers, but also of parents to see what it is right or wrong for their children. Like sometimes, even item numbers are vulgar."

"We were granted U/A certificate by Censor Board. In our film we are addressing a social problem so there is nothing wrong about it," he added.