Ayesha Takia: She means business


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 15 -- Ayesha Takia has triumphed over the cult of celebrity. The eager girl-next-door, at what could've been the height of her career, post her glam role in Prabhudeva's Wanted (2008) pulled a Houdini on Bollywood. After getting married at 23 to long-time beau and South Bombay restauteur, Farhan Azmi, Takia took a break from cinema. As eager fans get ready to welcome back the young bride with her Friday release, Paathshaala, we caught up with her to find out about her new identity. There's hospitality and fashion in her kitty. Movies have taken a backseat for now, as she unwinds in the glow of the setting sun on the terrace of Farhan Azmi's Colaba lounge, Koyla.

Your movie Paathshaala is releasing this week. Is this your comeback?

I shot this movie much before I got married. It's a fantastic script made by my good friends, Ahmed and Shaira Khan. It's also a very relevant script because it touches topics like peer pressure and basic educational pressure. Kids today have unnecessary ambitions and are committing suicide due to reality shows. I did the movie because of these issues. But as far as my comeback is concerned, I never quit Bollywood in the first place!

But you disappeared at the height of your career after Wanted released?

You know lot of people told me that I was marrying Farhan at a bad time. Wanted was about to release and it did become the biggest hit of my career. But I am a person who follows her gut instinct. I just knew I was ready to marry Farhan and I knew it would change things. But I also didn't want to do the glam roles anymore. I took a break and it put things in order. Now I am open to doing only one or two meaningful movies a year.

Do you have any more movies lined up?

Well, I do have Aap Ke Liye Hai Hum, directed by Revathy with Jaya Bachchan. Unfortunately, it's stalled for the moment. But like I said, I'm open to meaningful cinema. I don't want to stand in the back of a scene and look pretty. I want to act.

Who are your role models?

My family. I am a complete family person. Farhan and my mother Farida, are just some of the people who have impacted my life in a major way. They are with me all the time and life without them is non-existent. I learn from people in my proximity. If I see someone who is emotional, I want to imbibe that. Because I have been criticised for being too practical and unemotional.