Asif's ex Veena Malik on Bigg Boss 4?


By Hindustan Times

Spot-fixer Mohammed Asif's ex-girlfriend is believed to be next inmate in the upcoming edition of Bigg Boss and she has a few demands as well! This season of Bigg Boss definitely seems to be all about controversial celebrities and the latest to join the bandwagon is cricketer Mohammed Asif's nemesis, his ex-girlfriend Veena Malik.

The Pakistani model, who shot to fame with evidence of her ex-boyfriend's involvement in match-fixing, has now come in the news for allegedly joining the reality show, reported Mumbai Mirror.

Veena MalikThe channel had been eyeing her as a prime contestant for the popular reality show ever since the scandal exploded, sources told the tabloid.

Malik, who believes Indian men are no match for "good-looking Pakistani men" was initially dismissive about the show but apparently warmed up to the idea and was eventually quite excited about it as well.

The model has been so much in the limelight due to the controversy she generated that it makes her a prime candidate for the reality show, feel social media enthusiasts. Bigg Boss which puts controversial celebrities, wannabes, and have-beens under 24x7 surveillance in a locked house is also likely to gain tremendously from Malik.

Convincing Malik was not difficult, say sources, though she did try to play the diva. She insisted that the production team choose the other 13 contestants carefully, "So that they are up to my level," she allegedly told the team.

Negotiations with Malik barely took a day to wind up and the production team has worked out the logistics for her passage to India.

Malik, however has denied being offered the role but has said that she is considering offers for Bollywood films and that she will be making an official announcement soon.