Ash-Abhishek Wedding - a private affair ...

By Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM


electronic media and the paparazzi are going ballistic with supposed details

about the Ash-Abhishek marriage.

But the facts are extremely and exasperatingly contrary to what you see

hear and read. And you heard the true facts here for the first and last


The wedding on 20 April is not going to be a lavish affair. Only the

immediate and extended family of the Bachchans—brother Ajitabh and his

family, sister Shweta and her in-laws which includes all the Kapoors –are

being invited. Besides these the only people you'll see at the event are

Abhishek's close friends like Sikandar Kher, Goldie Behl and Rohan

Sippy. Karan Johar, who's like a son to the Bachchans, and J.P. Dutta

whom Abhishek looks on as a father figure, are expected to be at the


The lady of the house Jaya Bachchan is supervising every detail. In

fact, the Big B and the dulha are keeping completely out of the

preparations, and that includes the invitees' list.

Jaya being firm of mind and resolute in her purposes has kept the

fanfare to the barest minimum. The guest list would be in accordance with

the size and capacity of the Bachchans' residence and of course the

imperativeness of the potential invitees' presence on the premises.

All the invitees are keeping a low profile as they don't wish to

unintentionally divulge details about the wedding.

Suffice it to say that some of the atrocious untruths being cooked up

on the news and entertainment channels have the Bachchans enormously


According to reports all the neighbors have been asked to keep their

gates shut to media persons and the Bachchan family has requested the

aviation ministry not to allow any planes to hover over their residence

during the wedding.

These are completely baseless stories planted by people who have an

axe to grind, or perhaps this is their way of feeling important. As Bachchan

Saab told a friend, "My son's wedding is a very private solemn and

precious moment for me and my family. Surely we're entitled to our

privacy if and when we need it."