Arth producer hasn't approached me for the Urdu remake: Mahesh Bhatt



Media reports recently suggested that the producer of 1983 film Arth, Kuljit Pal was irked with Mahesh Bhatt for allowing a remake of the film. The writer, director of the movie, Mahesh Bhatt, however, denies reports and insists that legally, the rights belong to him. Mahesh Bhatt further added
that Kuljit Pal has not communicated with him regarding the remake.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Mahesh Bhatt said, "First of all, there is a moral issue at the heart of this so-called media-generated controversy. According to the law of the land, the author is the sole proprietor of the product and in the absence of any contract stating sharing of profits the product belongs to the author."

Further elaborating on the Pakistani remake by actor-director-producer Shaan, Bhatt said, "Shaan has shown tremendous dignity by approaching me in an age when we copy each other's work without even acknowledging it."

Mahesh Bhatt said that he issued a no-objection certificate to Shaan for adapting Arth. He further said the producer Kuljit Pal was also informed about this. Bhatt also specified that after informing Pal, he issued the no-objection certificate and the matter was resolved.

He further adds that it is not for financial interests that he agreed for a remake: "I am not taking a single penny. This is how we can strengthen ties between India and Pakistan."

Bhatt is clearly unhappy with reports of copyright claims by Arth producer Kuljit Pal: "Times of India came up with this information but Kuljit Pal has not communicated to me nor to my brother (Mukesh Bhatt) regarding the Urdu remake of Arth."

Adding this: "My brother (Mukesh Bhatt) is the president of Film Producers' Guild and a responsible man. Kuljit has neither approached me nor my brother Mukesh. He had only told Mukesh that he would like to share the profits for any remake in Indian languages. But that is something he can ask for, not demand."