Arshad signed for Chance Pe Dance to be directed by Rohit Shetty's assistant


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

After going with the working title I Believe In Angels, throughout its production in London, Arshad has finally zeroed -in on a final title for his first production, co-starring Dia Mirza which is directed by Kabeer Kaushik. "We've named the film Kaun Bola. See the film, and you'll know why. It's the perfect title. Hopefully, audiences will agree," says Arshad currently shooting for Anil Kapoor's Shortcut in Bangkok.

Arshad Warsi is also doing a film called Chance Pe Dance….to be directed Rohit Shetty's assistant, Raminder Singh Suri. But sorry, he has no dancing to do in the film. For a dancing-star, doing a film called Chance Pe Dance with no dancing is a form of death. "What can I do?" Arshad protests hard. "I love to dance. I know I dance well. But directors don't allow me to dance. In Chance Pe Dance, I play this out-and-out loser who needs that one big break to change his life. And when that break happens in his life all hell breaks lose. Sadly, I don't get to dance again."

In Arshad's last release Krazzy 4, it was Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan who got to dance and in his next release Shortcut, Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor have been roped in to jive with leading lady Amrita Rao. No Arshad in the item song. Arshad says he's clueless. "I've many times asked directors to let me do some dancing. But they've ignored my request. This is a funny and strange industry. But I love it even if some people choose to be unfair to me."

According to a source close to a project that Arshad was offered, "The film's hero had laid a pre-condition. No dancing from Arshad. If you look at any of Arshad's big projects with big banners in recent times --Munnabhai, Shortcut, Krazzy 4 or even Salaam Namaste… the other guys got to dance. In Krazzy 4, Irrfan Khan got to dance with Rakhi Sawant. Not Arshad. In fact the hero in our film specifically forbade Arshad from moving a leg saying, as it is he's a scene stealer and we don't need him to be floor-burner."

Is this one of the reasons why Arshad is producing his own film? "Probably, yes. You could say that. My film is looking gorgeous. We've one more schedule to go in Goa. Then we'll be done."

Arshad had to give up hosting the second season of Bigg Boss because of his first home production. "Kaun Bola has taken away more from me than I can express," he says ominously. "Bigg Boss is in fine hands now. Shilpa Shetty looks really hot on the show."