Arre o Samba, kitne 'Sholay' honge?


Author : Shubha Shetty Saha

With a prequel, sequel, re-make and an animated version of 'Sholay' planned, Pritish Nandy is all set to milk Bollywood's biggest blockbuster dry!

With Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC) buying the rights of the much-coveted 'Sholay' from Sascha Sippy for $100 million, its proprietor Nandy is all set to milk the deal dry. He says, "'Sholay' is the iconic film of Bollywood; it ran for straight five and half years. It has earned the most amount of money in the history of Bollywood, about Rs 157 crore.

Bollywood and 'Sholay' have become synonymous with each other. So, if we could translate that into our times and position it in today's context, it would be wonderful. We want to make something which is equally iconic and something that would be liked by today's generation."

He says even iconic films in Hollywood have had prequels and sequels that have done tremendously well. "Take the case of 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Matrix', there is an established format which has succeeded worldwide. 'Hannibal's sequel, 'Hannibal Rising' was remarkable in its own way too. A prequel would look at how Gabbar Singh became the iconic villain that he is in 'Sholay'. The conflict between Chaudharys and Thakrus would also be interesting to explore, given the caste conflict that happens. It is just a new way of looking at an old story," he says.

However, Nandy promises that the format of each of these will be huge, magical and spectacular, with the animated version targeted for the young audience, "Fifty six percent of moviegoers are below 26 years of age. The animated version will help them relate to the movie better."
Nandy has a huge task in hand and he agrees that it is a massive risk. "I have always believed in taking risks. I have always craved for challenge. Now 'Sholay' excites me," he says.

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