Aroona to direct comedy


Author: Sapana Patil
Date: 10/1/2007

The producer-actor will even write the script for the film.

Aroona Irani's ability to multi-task is not unknown. She has successfully dabbled with TV and films as an actor and a producer. Now, Aroona will be turning scriptwriter and director for a film.

Though Aroona admitted that she had received an offer to write a film and that she would even direct it, she refused to divulge the details. "It is yet to finalise," she said. Quiz her on the film's subject to be produced by Prakash Pange (producer and writer of the recently released 'Kaisay Kahein') and she says, "I am planning a comedy. But it has to be a complete entertainer. I can't work on a superficial subject."

Sources reveal that Govinda has been approached to play the lead role though he hasn't yet responded. "I think Govinda suits the role. I also feel there are roles for Ritesh (Deshmukh) and Tusshar (Kapoor) in the film. But I haven't approached them yet; because my script is not ready. Naturally, the actors would want to see the script first."Aroona last produced the film 'Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa' in 2002 and acted in 'Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam' in the same year. "The last few years were a little a low. So, I preferred sticking on to TV," she explains.

Ask her which medium she prefers working in and she states, "Every medium has its advantages and disadvantages. In television, the major disadvantage is deadlines. You have to deliver the tapes on the designated day; or else it means a huge loss to the channel and the producer. The daily grind exhausts me. Films give you the time to work at a reasonable pace."

She adds, "But TV is interesting. See how it allows us to stretch a story for years like a rubber band." Talk about her energy at this age and she says, "Why are you talking about me? Look at Devsaab (Anand)!"

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