Arjun's six-month sabbatical!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 14 -- Arjun Rampal was so particular about protecting his look from RA.One that he even declined film offers while he was shooting for the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer.

Reveals an industry source, "Arjun was riding high with Raajneeti (2010) and he also won the National Award, which put him in a new league. A lot of film-makers had approached him with projects that would have gone on the floors at the same time as RA.One. Arjun could have shot alongside SRK's project as he had gaps in between the schedules, but he consciously chose not to sign any film."

The insider adds, "He cut back his work at a time when any other person would have taken advantage of the success. But being a professional, he realised that shooting anything during that time would have given out his look that he will sport in RA.One." We also hear that Arjun decided to stay indoors as much as he could during that phase.

"He politely dodged events and appearances and even close friends' parties. He had worked very hard to get into the shape that SRK wanted and he made sure his actions don't dilute the impact that his look will have on the industry as well as on his fans."