Arjun Rampal's show in November


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Oct. 22 -- Phew! Now, my friend, Mr Couch Potato has sent me message on my tablet. He's been told by his associates that Arjun Rampal's upcoming social issue-based TV show involving celebrities has been postponed to the first or second week of next month.

The channel intended to avoid any clashes with RA.One's release. They didn't want to club the promotions with their new show. Also, the on-air date was pushed by a week to ensure that Arjun gets enough time to shoot, because there's not only RA.One in his life, but also Formula One. Now, if it were Aamir Khan anchoring such a show, maybe I'd tune in. But with Arjun, I have my doubts! Don't you?